What Amish Heaters Really Are

When you hear of Amish heaters, you may think that it’s strange at first, especially realizing that they’re electric units. After all, the Amish are supposed to shy away from modern technology, are they not? They are also thought to refuse being photographed even to publicize this product, which has made something of a splash over the last few years. The typical Amish heater is a fireplace that plugs into the wall and generates heat that will warm the whole room like a real wood burning stove. The best thing about it is that you can move it around and place it where ever you have a plug in the wall. Furthermore, the heating media inside the unit both gives off a comfortable warmth and looks painstakingly crafted like a real fireplace for aesthetic purposes.

Do the Amish Really Make Them?

In reality, they do not make the actual electric heater inside the unit, they simply make the stylish wood cabinets inside which the heaters are mounted. The Amish heater is in fact a modern electric spacer heater, usually crafted in in the form of a warm, cozy fireplace. The cabinets themselves — hand-crafted by the Amish — vary in cost between $350 and $400.

Amish Heaters | Amish Heaters ReviewsUnlike ceramic heaters, in which electricity passes through a ceramic plate, the Amish heater is a fan-oriented convection heater with a burning-logs display powered by an ordinary light bulb.

How Amish Heaters Perform

They are praised in Amish heaters reviews for convenient, quiet, safe, and simple operation. You can turn the fireglow display on or off with a remote control device as well as change heat levels. And, you can heat a 325 square foot area safely. If you want to move it to a different position, the unit rolls on small wheels, and as previously mentioned you can plug it in anywhere where there’s an extra electrical plug handy. They’re also comparable to kerosene heater setups as well.

So, What’s the Catch?

If your home is heated electrically, the Amish heater just may shave a little off your electric bills. Bear in mind, however, since it is essentially a single-room heater, this unit will probably cost you the same or more to give heat, if you do not cut back heat in other portions of your home.

If your home is heated by natural gas, as many homes today are, Amish heaters will not cut your bills significantly because any electric appliance will cost more to operate, even though this heater runs at 1,500 kW or 20-30 cents per use.

Many reviews also criticize its lack of thermostat and therefore your lack of ability to control your room’s temperature while operating the unit. However, this heater and its mock fireplace gain praise in many reviews for being able to operate continuously up to two hours and beyond without its surfaces, its glass panel, or its central air-discharge grille becoming hot to the touch. This makes it that much easier for you to change its room position if needed or desired.

Individual Models of Amish Heaters

There are numerous individual models of electric fireplace heaters, with the differences being almost entirely in the cabinetry. Many consumers still insist on calling them Amish heaters even though the Amish have only to do with making the cabinets.
The cabinets usually come in a wide array of finishes. A cherry wood version for example is the most premium finish. Several other models can come in oak and white, with model styles varying from the manufacturer. From there, it becomes a question of whether you want a simple cabinet that can serve as a small table, or a more stylish cabinet that can be the next best thing to a full-fledged entertainment center. Be sure to check out our reviews for information and the best price on Amish heaters.

For Showing or for Blowing?

Because it is more decorative than practical, when all is said and done, you may consider buying an Amish heater above other room heaters if you want a somewhat cost-effective single-room unit that’s attractive and practical. The heaters do produce good heating levels with extremely quiet operation, and that may be the best recommendation for them above and beyond the cabinetry.

Safe maintenance includes not placing the heater near flammable objects, periodic bulb replacement, and regular cleaning of the cabinet.

Where to Buy Amish Heaters

When first produced, Amish heaters were sold either by word-of-mouth or by way of newspaper advertisements from companies like Heat Surge. However, the past few years have seen a rise in major retailers offering them for sale online. For your convenience, you can find one right here at Amish Heaters Reviews!

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