Dimplex CFP3920BW Amish Fireplace Review

With 1500 watts of power, the Dimplex CFP3920BW Amish fireplace is ideal for heating rooms that are 400 square feet or less in size. It is a 20-inch electric heater that uses 3D flame technology to recreate a realistic fire inside the firebox. There are many features of this Dimplex electric fireplace that make it a superior heater to comparable models on the market.

Amish Fireplace Design

Amish Heaters - Dimplex Amish Fireplace

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Referred to as “the Colonial,” the Dimplex CFP3920BW Amish heater is 36.75 inches wide by 36 inches high by 12 inches deep. It is designed to fit into a small area, but maintain the functionality of larger room heaters. It is finished in a burnished walnut color and features a classic arch on the top of the unit and a framed header. Its rich color and elegant carvings will make it a conversation piece when placed in any room.

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As mentioned earlier, the flame inside the 20-inch firebox of the heater looks as real as possible and the embers glow under the grate, which provides a realistic portrayal of an actual fire. The logs are handcrafted to simulate real logs, and no two are identical.


Of course no matter how good these Amish heaters look, they have to perform their primary function effectively, which is to heat the room. The Dimplex CFP3920BW heater has an output of 5,115 BTUs and the fan-forced heater instantly creates heat and will propel that heat throughout rooms that are 400 square feet or less in size. However, if heat is not needed, but the ambiance of the flame is desired, the flame can be operated separately from the heat.


This Amish fireplace offers separate controls for the flame and the heat and an adjustable thermostat which allows for the maintenance of the ideal room temperature. It also comes with a remote control so the heater can be controlled from anywhere in the room.


The Dimplex CFP2920BW fireplace produces no emissions, which means it is entirely environmentally friendly. The wooden parts of the heater are low-formaldehyde C.A.R.B. Phase 2 compliant. After using the heater, there is no mess to clean up as with traditional fireplaces, and there is never any concern about running out of fuel or needing to find wood to burn. There is also no need to install separate venting for the unit since there is nothing to vent.


These Amish heaters are simple to install. There are five components that can be assembled in mere minutes. Since there is no venting required, the unit operates as soon as it is plugged into a 120 volt electrical outlet. It can also be moved easily to other locations when needed.


The front of the heater is made out of stay-cool glass, so there is no need to be concerned about burns. This is a good thing when family, especially children, venture near the unit. It does not emit carbon monoxide, as do traditional heaters and fireplaces, so there is no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. The electrical unit has been UL approved for use in the United States and Canada.


The Dimplex CFP3920BW electric fireplace can be purchased for under $500 and can be operated for pennies a day. It only costs about 2 cents each hour when the flame is on without the heater and just 7 cents per hour when the heat and flame are on. Homeowners will also save money on heating costs by turning down their thermostat in the rest of the house and simply heating the one desired room.

The Dimplex Amish Fireplace Overall

Most Amish heaters reviews find that this product is effective and efficient at heating small rooms. This review concurs with that assessment and will add that the unit is extremely attractive and will fit in with any décor. Anyone who is looking to save heating costs by heating just one room instead of the whole house will find that Amish fireplace will not only do the job well, but will look good while doing it.

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